Day 264 – too hot

Definitely too hot.

A walk between Holborn and Westminster (and back) in the midday heat. Boot camp in the park after work – slightly cloudy but still very hot. Sat outside at 10pm in slight rain.

And now it’s still hot. There will be a bit of respite in the early morning.

Hot hot hot.

I think it’s called summeršŸ˜€

Day 234 – Weekend


How interesting – our weekend is based on Jewish tradition. Jews observe the Sabbath, which starts at sunset on Friday and ends when darkness sets in on Saturday. Gradually, the Friday became a day off work as well. In Christian countries, it’s correspondingly Saturday and Sunday. – The French Revolutionary Calendar had a 10-day week with the tenth dayĀ allowed as leisure day …

Leisure day …

There is this ritual where people at work ask each other what their plans are for the weekend. I hardly ever have time for any such plans.

If I wanted to cramp everyday that needs doing on the weekend into the Saturday, I’m not sure I’d be able to enjoy a Sunday off. (Needless to say that my Sunday doesn’t start with a church service …)

My “leisurely weekend” included:

  • dusting and hoovering;
  • steam cleaning the bathroom;
  • washing, putting the washing out and bringing it in again;
  • ironing;
  • some mending of clothes;
  • cooking dinner;
  • sorting through my wardrobe;
  • doing the weekly shopping;
  • dying my hair;
  • washing the car (and polishing it);
  • cleaning the cat toilets;
  • mowing the lawn;
  • trimming the roses;
  • watering the garden;
  • half an our sitting in the garden reading;
  • going for a run.

Can I please have a weekend now …?




Day 233 – Rain


Rain is something rather mundane.

It’s the basis of life on earth as we know it.

Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets which have condensed from atmospheric water vapor – and which have become heavy enough to fall to earth under gravity.

Rain creates most of the fresh water deposits on earth.

Rain can be very romantic – light warm rain on a summer evening. I remember once literally dancing in the rain when it finally began; it had been a very hot and dry summer and there was hardly enough grass left for the horses.

Rain can also be annoying – when it starts within 5 minutes of me reaching the office.

I don’t like storm at all, and I find thunder unsettling.

There must be people our there who disagree with me on that though. Why else would there be an app simulating 30 min of thunderstorm – – yes, really!




Day 231 – News


I hardly ever watch the news these days.

I make a point of switching on the 10 o’clock news; but I generally find myself not focusing much on any of it.

Interestingly, the German equivalent are the news at 8pm, and they only last 15 min.